Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Angelfall - Chapter 1 & 2

Where Penryn decides to leave the
 apartment with her mom and sister.

Okay, so this book has really short chapters. Which is great, I love when books are like that, it's so convenient. But unfortunately it also means that there weren't very much going on.

Anyways: the only real impression I've got so far is that I like the beginning. It's exciting, not too slow, and throws you into the story pretty quickly. Other than the first couple of sentences it's very straight to the point. I'm liking Penryn already.

Something I reacted to was the use of the word "supernaturals" in the first chapter. Does that imply that there are more supernaturals than angels out there? Like vampires or werewolves? Or is it just angels? Kind of unclear.

Funny side-note: did ya'll know that the word "apocalypse" does actually not mean the end of the world after a catastrophy such as angel invasion or tsunamis? At least it didn't use to, the word actually means unveiling or revealing. The reason it got mixed up was probably the biblical use in the Book of Revelation where; sure, the world kind of goes under, but it's more about the... revelation of it. Duh. So it got mislead along the way, sort of like the word "inception" nowadays. 

Just thought about that ;)

// Amanda

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