Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Divergent - Chapter 4

An awkward family dinner and two freaked out teens


This chapter. Gah. Made me hate the faction system and strongly dislike Beatrice's parents and the way she was raised. This chapter also made me kind of love Caleb. 
Then there's Abnegation, probably the most annoying faction in my opinion. Abnegation is the sole faction with any actual political Power. Gross. I don't care if they are supposedly self-less, they clearly (well, at least Beatrice's father) show distain for other factions, in particular Erudite, the intelligent. Don't hate the smart kids! Then Beatrice and Caleb weren't even allowed to talk at the dinner table. That's just ridiculous. I'm just. Uh. So annoyed.
Anyways, Caleb just seems to be a genuinely good guy. I'm also pretty sure that he doesn't belong to Abnegation, not when he acted so off after the test. I don't know where he belongs, but Beatrice did see books in his room, so I guess he belongs in Erudite.
In the end, I'm actually getting emotionally invested in this story. Whoop whoop.
(Yeah, Marcus seems pretty shady, though. And B's father seems shady for supporting Marcus.)
// Adeline

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