Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Divergent - Chapter 1

The nameless heroine gets a haircut and goes to school.

The hype around this book! So the first chapter is actually kind of cool. It's not the best beginning I've read, but the first bit about the mirror immediately got your attention. Mostly because it's weird, but still.

Roth is introducing her dystopian world, although it's still kind of vague. It's set in Chicago (hahaha I googled Sears Tower cuz I don't know anything about the US), and we got to know about the Five Factions. Personally, I don't get why it would ever seem to be a good idea to split a society like that, but I'm curious to see why that happened (The main character is on her way to history class :D). 

We only got tiny bits of the MC. First of all, I still don't know her name. She seems to find herself pretty plain/ugly, but I'm sure she's actually super sexy and all the boys will love her. "Tomorrow" is the day of the Aptitude Test, and then the Choosing, where she will choose which Faction she wants to be in. She’s making a pretty big deal out of it, so it’s probably way scarier than it sounds.

// Adeline

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