Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Angelfall - Chapter 3

Where Penryn's watching an angel 
get his wings ripped off. 

I scribble notes while reading books to be able to blog about it later (I have an other book blog as well, a Swedish one) and the first thing I wrote about this chapter was: ooh, wonder if that guy will be the love interest? regarding the guy Penryn first described. You know, the giant one. Because generally the first guy to get a somewhat thorough description... is going to be the love interest. 

But I think we can all agree that it's probably gonna be Snow, right? Afterall "everyone likes an underdog". Except President Snow. (Because that's not ironic at all?)

And of course Penryn's sister had to give them away. Honestly I had already got that from the blurb on the back, but still. It's always the sibling that's the kind and innocent one who's sympathetic and not cut out to be a survivor. Or maybe I'm just making Angelfall-Hungergames connections.

Having big hopes for this so far!

// Amanda

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