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Because "read books with us" is a little bit different from the traditional book blog, we thought we would explain how it works. We want this blog to be a mix between a blog, a reading diary and a book club. Basically the idea is to share views and ideas of the book all the way through. Especially crazy theories about the plot! Or rants about annoying characters...

So we write our opinions of the book, about a post per chapter, and then reviews it at the end. But what would be really cool is if you as a reader would comment to each post with your ideas! Maybe you don't agree that Bella's prooobably gonna end up with Edward, or think that Katniss is not super cool but rather an ice-cool douche. Comment!

The greatest thing would be if we could hold entire conversations about the books. Like in a book club. Only the conversations would be available all the time, because the post is never going away. No matter if you read the book at the same time we do or maybe months later.

And now you're thinking about one thing. Spoilers. Yeah, we got you, that might seem a bit inevitable. What if you accidentally read about something two chapters ahead? Quél catastrophe! But don't worry. We'll try our best with putting clear titles, such as: "Divergent - Chapter 1" and stuff. Followed by a picture so you won't be tempted to accidentally read something you didn't actually want to know yet. And before the note starts: a short sentence about what the chapter starts with. So you don't get confused.

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