Friday, February 21, 2014

Angelfall - Chapter 4 & 5

Where Penryn's sister gets angelsnatched
and she gets stuck with a wingless dying one.

I've got to admit: I like Penryn's plan. It's always nice to have a heroine who's not afraid to act. And Snow catching the blade without fail... at least he's a true warrior. Some great like-material going on there. Too bad the whole plan thing didn't work out. 

What I don't get is what the angels want. Why did they come to Earth? What's their goal? Because according to Penryn, it sounds like she thinks they are going to keep her sister alive. She seems really sure of it. And I mean - a small and crippled girl? Even I would probably kill her if I were an angel, because of what use can she be? Perhaps Penryn's just in denial. Although, of course, it's a book, so her sister is probably going to be alive by the end of it.

The only thing I've got to say about chapter five is that I like the angel already, for good or bad. Not only the moment when she touches him, but I mean that amused smile? Snowryn, or whatever they would be called as a ship (yeah, I know, he probably has a real name) is gonna be good. I've got a feeling xD

// Amanda 

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