Friday, February 21, 2014

Divergent - Chapter 3

Beatrice finds out that she's... different.

Yay, I know why the book is called Divergent. I'm curious to see what exactly the amazing power of the Divergent is. If it's only something like a flexible, open mind or the ability to think outside of the box, I will be disappointed. On the other hand, in a world where people are raised to be simple-minded (are they though?) it could be really important. It feels like the book is supposed to be some sort of commentary on stereotypes and dividing into likeminded groups, and the restrictions and dangers of that. I mean, Divergent does make you think of it, whether that was Roth's plan or not.
I'm pretty sure Beatrice will choose Dauntless though. Although, now that Roth introduced the factionless, I'm wondering if she'll choose a faction at all. Talking about the factionless, this government/system/social structure sucks. Like sucks sucks. So, you don't fit in the pre-determined boxes? We'll kick you out on the streets!
// Adeline

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