Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Divergent - Chapter 2

Dreamlike aptitude tests and a stubborn heroine

This chapter is so weird - dreams/dreamlike things tend to creep me out - but the pace has picked up a bit, which is nice. The writing is a bit flat, but it's not exactly bad writing, and it is YA after all, so...

I do know the name now, Beatrice! And I also knows that's she has a tendency to be a stubborn brat. Not that I dislike it, it makes her more relatable. After this chapter, I'm even surer she's supposed to pick Abnegation (family pride or something, I guess) but will end up in Dauntless anyway. Roth isn't saying anything out loud, but it's kind of obvious. I mean, Beatrice's tester is from Dauntless. Feels like a not-so-coincidental-coincidence.

Also, what weird government forbids the citizens to talk about the test? Kinda shady. If dystopian YAs ever taught me anything, it is that you should never trust the government. Never. It is always Evil.

// Adeline

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